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Leaders of Yichang Municipal Government visited Citics Treasury Fund


Citics Treasury Fund welcomed its first customers at the threshold of 2017. In the morning of January 4, the Yichang Municipal Government team led by the deputy mayor Wang Yinghua, including the Investment Promotion Bureau, the Bureau of Culture, broadcasting and TV, Press and Publication Bureau and the Sports Bureau of Yichang City came to the headquarters of Citics Treasury Fund in World Trade Center Phase 3. The president Deng Bin and the company's team had a warm welcome for the visit of the leaders of Yichang Municipal Government, and both parties had an in-depth communication and discussion on the projects such as reconstruction of old city.

Yichang is a city with a long history (2,700 years), it has long been known as the sub-central city of Hubei Province, the comprehensive strength ranks only second to Wuhan. Yichang is the important transportation junction in central China as well as the place where the national important strategy facility is located such as the Three Gorges Dam and the Gezhou Dam, honored as the "world's hydroelectric power city". Xichang has been praised as land of abundance and outstanding people and a profound historical culture itself, it is not only the hometown of Qu Yuan and Wang Zhaojun, but also known as the "old haunt of the Three Kingdoms". In addition, Xichang is also one of 11 major tourist cities in China. Among the national 5A-class tourist scenic spots, 4 are located in Yichang, so the tourism resource of Yichang is extremely abundant.

    The deputy mayor Wang mainly introduced some basic information of the reconstruction of old city, including some ideas and directions about the future development of the county, the president Deng also introduced the background and advantages of Citics Treasury Fund briefly, both parties had an in-depth discussion on the future cooperation such as the reconstruction of old city, tourism culture property and sports leisure industry, reached a preliminary cooperation intention and hoped to carry out all-round cooperation in many fields according to the actual development demand of Yichang City based on the resource integration of both parties.