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The leaders of Bama County Government visited Citics Treasury Fund


In the morning of December 20, 2016, Wang Jun, the secretary of the County Committee and three people of Bama County Government visited the headquarters of Citics Treasury Fund in World Trade Center Phase 3, Beijing, had good communication with the company team led by the president, Deng Bin and reached a preliminary intention for the future cooperation of both parties.

Bama Yao Autonomous County is under the jurisdiction of Hechi City of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and honored as the "longevity town" of the world. The total area of the county is 1,971km2, with 12 nationalities inhabited in the county, such as the Yao nationality, the Zhuang nationality and the Han nationality. The terrain of Baba County is high in northwest and low in southeast, with many mountains in the territory, known as "eight mountains, one water and one penny farmland", so the land is only available at a premium. Meanwhile, Bama County is also internationally recognized as the place with most complete factors beneficial to human health, including high terrestrial magnetism, surface water, surface soil and negative oxide ions in the air.

The secretary Wang mainly introduced some basic situations of Bama County, including some ideas and directions about the future development of the county, the president Deng also introduced the background and advantages of Citics Treasury Fund briefly, both parties had an in-depth discussion about the future cooperation on urbanization, tourist real estate and healthy ecological industry of Bama, reached a preliminary cooperation intention and hoped to carry out all-round cooperation in many fields according to the actual development demand of Bama County based on the resource integration of both parties.