Operation Situation/


Based on brand advantage of CITIC, our Company is committed to offering full services including both domestic and overseas financing, investment consultation, development construction, and assets management in fields related to urban construction development by intensifying the business collaboration of CITIC Real Estate, CITIC Securities, CITIC Bank, CITIC Fund, CITIC Trust, CITIC Prudential and CITIC International.

At present, we have secured competitive advantages combining financial service, real estate development and business operation, connected finance and real estate industries, being rooted in first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Our Company is committed to development management for real estate value chain, thereby offering active one-stop management service for customers and establishing a distinctive finance-real estate business mode in China.

Through affiliated unit trust funds, replying on strong strengths of CITIC Securities and CITIC Real Estate, our Company is aimed to provide one package M&A financial service containing project matchmaking, M&A financing, plan designing, financial advising and M&A integration, having being thought highly by customers.

Through cooperation with various large real estate companies in different divisions, our Company has effectively pushed the determination of real estate M&A fund, while having full cooperation with Sunshine 100, CWTC and CITIC Real Estate in terms of financing, investment , disposal of non-performing assets and M&A.