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Investment Director (Real Estate Finance/Real Estate Investment/M&A/PE)


Job Description:

Responsible for investment team construction and daily work instructions. Lead investment team to make feasibility assessment, negotiation and structure building about real estate fund establishment;  

Responsible for or participate in negotiation during fund raising;  

Responsible for project preparation during fund raising, drafting or reviewing fund raising documents; Lead team to execute investment projects and finish project-related works;  

Responsible for review and modification of various documents and agreements related to project operation; participate in important contract negotiations;  

Lead team to design project deal structure and control project legal risks; Participate in design and perfection of investment flow and offer suggestions timely;  

Keep important customer relations for Company.      


At least seven years relevant work experience in investment or financial service (such as investment bank, securities, trust and fund); have experience in real estate industry;

Familiar with real estate development, investment attraction flow, M&A flow and shareholding investment flow;

Rich experience in PE investment and investment fund, trust or overseas investment or M&A project.

Strong abilities of analysis, interpersonal relation and negotiation.

Good at communication, coordination and resource management; Can work under high pressure, a good team player.

Strong team management ability, can motive and develop others.