Investment Strategies/



       Based on the project resource reserve in real estate, logistics, agriculture, high-tech and culture media by CITIC Group, collaborated financial institutions and our management team, our Company emphasizes equity M&A while making mezzanine investments and other investments through establishing special sub-funds, diversified investment funds and other investment tools, to get value adding profits from the invested enterprises and projects and finally to achieve the maximized benefits for investors.


Financial Holding Investment


         Perfect Company Governance    Specify Company Strategy    Strengthen Team Incentive
         Improve Basic Management     Support Business Expansion    Match Capital Market


Basic Industrial Investment


         Integrate Industrial Resources    Enhance Capital Turnover    Optimize Assets Structure
         Establish Special Funds    M&A Good Enterprises    Expand Company Scale


New Industrial Investment


         Support High-tech Enterprises    Meet Capital Demand    Optimize Shareholding Structure
         Establish Special Funds    Integrate Similar Industries    Complete Financing for Listing