Investment Flow/


 Project Source →Primary DD →Official DD →Dealing →Post-management →Exit
Done byProject team member with the rank higher than investment directorSourcing team is responsible for primary DDProject team (3 to 4 members)Project teamProject teamProject team
Work contentsSource the enterprises meet industry preference, with proper investment scale and better long term growth prospectMake primary investigation and judgment for the project, Develop primary dealing planMake detailed investigation for the project in terms of financial, commercial, legal and industrial aspect; Determine  dealing planNegotiate with invested enterprise according to deal plan to make the dealOffer value adding services to the invested enterprise; Promote the value of invested enterpriseOne-time exit or gradual exit according to investment plan
Reviewed byCEO: judge if the project is worthy of primary DD.Project approval meeting: judge if the project is approved according to primary DD results.MD: decide if it is necessary to report the project to investment commission according to official DD results.Investment commission: approve the investment dealingMD: monitor the project through director dispatched to invested enterprise to cope with important emergenciesInvestment commission: approve the dealing exit