Risk Controlment/


Three defense lines;
Two-layer reviews
•project approval is mainly finished by business department, vice general manger and general manager will review the project to ensure such three defense lines can exclude project risks to achieve careful project selection.
•project investment is reviewed separately by business team and risk control team. First business team will check the project according to features of such project, then risk control team will conduct the second review from market risk, law risk and structure risks.
Specify principles;
Strict access standard
•our Company has established perfect project selection and censorship principles to ensure the basis for project selection.
•in terms of project access, our Company has developed strict standards for various kinds of projects to ensure the controlability of risk and predictability of returns.
Regulate flow;
Strengthen supervision
•in order to Strengthen internal control, our Company has made regulated operation procedures, including developing standard texts, offering IT guarantee and intensify middle and post term managements.
•in order to strengthen internal supervision mechanism, our Company has developed perfect business settlement and guarantee system as well as internal audit and supervision mechanism.