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Merger and Acquisition: offer one-stop service for M&A parties
We can offer pre-M&A detailed plan, M&A operations and after M&A benefit mode design. Additionally, we can provide consultation services related to company governance, customer operation, marketing network construction and tax design, etc.




Project Investment: offer most valuable capital for enterprises
We wish to cooperate with excellent entrepreneurs and business starters, aiming to provide capital for enterprise development while offering professional services for enterprises with respect to financial management, enterprise operation, strategic partners sourcing and talent recruitment, etc.




Corporate Financing: solving fund difficulty faced by enterprises
By our shareholders’ background, platform advantages and professional team, we help corporate design reasonable financing plans an find financing channels rapidly to solve financing difficulties faced by corporation.




Listing Financial Advisory: a key step for IPO
We provide diagnosis and adjustment of finance and tax for companies to be listed, offer practicable advice about finance and tax, instruct companies to handle exiting tax and finance issues according to the standards for listing companies in order to comply with requirements for listing audit, and finally assist them sucessfully pass listing audit.