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CITICS Treasury Fund Management Co., Ltd ("CITICS Treasury Fund") was founded in 2015, headquartered in Beijing and with branches in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chongqing and Hong Kong. It is one professional investment and management company with project investment and assets management as major businesses.

With in-system integration, linking to CITIC Securities and CITIC Bank which are under CITIC Group, with resources and experiences of external fund investors, investment projects and various external cooperation agencies, CITICS Treasury Fund is committed to offering value-added services like strategy management, investment consultations, financing support and project expansion, thereby ensuring the value maintaining and value adding of assets for investors, creating reliable returns for investors and finally achieving win-win effect.

Three defense lines Two-layer reviews Specify principles Strict access standard Regulate flow Strengthen supervision

    • Beijing Headquarters TEL:+86 10 8535 1613

    • Beijing Headquarters Fax::+86 10 8535 1813

    • Chongqing Branch TEL:+86 23 6033 5266

    • Chongqing Branch Fax:+86 23 6033 5366

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